A bright morning decorated with the sound of small birds with a tireless accompaniment of beautiful chirping. Guidance for nature to make a colorful atmosphere.

The Student: “Teacher, what is guidance?”

The Mentor: “Instructions”

The Student: “What kind of clue? “

The Mentor:”  is usually characterized by instructions to good direction, accuracy using feeling, precision using the mind, and familiarize the living system which fosters solid kindness, kindness that brings peace of life (mustaqim)

The Student:” what is the meaning of prayer that you get the guidance of ?”

The Mentor:” What I understand, means that you can get clues to goodness that is strong and very strong so that it is not deterred by evil- ugliness “

The Student:” Thank you for the understanding that you have given O teacher “

The Mentor:” You’re welcome O, my child”

The Student:” pray for me to get that “

The Mentor:”  Personally, I feel it is inappropriate to pray for you to get guidance as if I have or are under the guidance O, my child.

Because I was also in my ritual many times a day and night, always begging to get  be it would be more appropriate, we pray for one another so that together we can get and be in guidance”

The Student:” hmm   …”

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