The early evening was a bit cloudy, accompanied by a breeze that blew intimate. Making natural disasters for the lonely who often grounded.

Student: “Teacher, a big disaster has occurred in the ” stone “ area, there are so many victims. In our area and other areas that are a crowded debate, from people holding titles until ordinary people join in debating the issue, whether the natural disasters is tormented God or not, there are lots of opinions circulating, What do you think, O Teacher? “

The Mentor: (… looking at the fading back, as the wind is being grieved… his face showed deep sadness “ Do you mean about my opinion about that? “

Student:” Yes I have to believe which opinion? “

The Mentor:” My child … all you have to do is give real help if you can, or not able, pray for the victims, so that those affected by the disaster can go through it firmly and safely “

Student:” Then how about these crowded opinions, O Teacher? “

The Mentor:” Whether or not it is known as God’s punishment or not, it will not change the atmosphere of misery that has been and is happening to be a happy atmosphere. Important knowledge for those affected by the disaster is actually whether there will be a subsequent natural disaster or not, important knowledge for those not affected by the disaster is whether or not the natural disaster will spread to the area “

Student: “Then is this disaster as God’s punishment or just a natural disaster o Master?, I am very curious”

The Mentor:” Yes indeed … human life and death are the results of curiosity. My child … torture for humans there is two, great torture and small torture. The large torture resulting in death or causing severe damage to oneself, the little torture that results in difficulties in everyday life. Natural disasters are not really “self” of torture itself, natural disasters for the earth is an improvement of “self-healing” because the earth is set to improve itself in the event of damage to him … well, this process of self-improvement or self-healing of the earth is known to man as natural disasters. How much the natural disasters that occur depend on how much damage to the earth that needs to be repaired by the healing system of the earth. The “self” of torture is “the blow” of damage to the human self, and every human being despite the same impact, sometimes the level of damage is different, depending on the level of ugliness that has been done by humans “.

Student:” ooh .. so it’s actually a disaster nature is not directed at adhering to humans, but the damage to humanity is the torture, then what about the innocent victims who die, there are small children, maybe there are pious or good people, etc., Why can they be tortured too, aren’t they innocent ? “

The Mentor:” As I said earlier, that  the  secrets of natural disasters are a process of self-improvement done by the earth to repair the damage that is happening to him, now the repair process is known to man as a natural disaster, it can become torture for people- a person who is guilty and becomes an unintentional accident for innocent people, because the purpose of (known to man as ) these natural disasters are to repair the damaged earth not to treat humans. Because humans will not know who is guilty and who is not, then a good attitude when there is a natural disaster is to give real assistance to those affected by the disasters with something they need “.

Student:” Oohh … I see …thank you very much for this enlightenment, O Teacher “

The Mentor: “ Blessed are you, O my son ”

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