This Mess; Conscious or unconscious

This mess, conscious or unconscious humans are now being directed at chaos and destruction. They are being directed to familiarize themselves with not mutual respect and mutual disrespect. If not respecting other people has become a habit, then people will become a collection of people who have the potential to destroy each other.

In the line

In the line of mass media and social media, where these two lines in this era have become the two main ‘schools’ for humans. Readings about contempt, hatred, disdain, disgrace, seek evil for each other, … extending to rape and killing have become the daily reading and consumption of the world community.

Leaders, religious experts, and soldiers are the pillars of the stability of a nation. Realize that in recent decades there has been a widespread habit of always insulting, distrusting, disliking, hating, envy, inciting and slandering leaders, scholars, and soldiers.

Where directing insults, hatred, unbelief, slander, and other ugliness to leaders, scholars and the army became a matter of course today. Unconsciously, this behavior is the result of a plant that has been planted for some time, the ‘plant’ is directing the world to become a place of chaotic society.

Because if the leader, cleric, and his army have been hated, not trusted, defamed, and reviled, then who can be followed by his word in keeping a nation stable and staying safe. If leaders, scholars, and soldiers are no longer valued and respected, then who will be respected and valued by our community?

If the level of leader, cleric, an army cannot be respected and valued, then how can the community respect and value the level of society that is not a leader, a cleric, and an army?

Could have done wrong

Leaders, clerics, and soldiers could have done wrong. Criticizing and reminding them is not wrong. Criticizing and reminding leaders, scholars and the army if they do wrong is an ideal thing to do by the community.

Because criticizing and reminding for good is good. With criticism and warnings to leaders, scholars, and soldiers, they can improve themselves to be better.

But criticizing and reminding is very different from slandering, berating, hating, snoring, killing characters and other bad things. Humans must immediately realize that they are often directed towards chaos and destruction by ‘something’ or ‘someone’.

Humans even though they differ from each other, these differences do not have to change or make them become mutually insulting, insulting, slandering fellow nationals. Criticism and remind leaders, clerics, and soldiers in a good way.

Remind and criticize them as much as you can, if the purpose of criticizing and reminding it begins with good intentions, then the delivery is also ideal in a good way too. Who loses if the world is divided? , who loses if the world is chaotic? , who loses if the world is destroyed? of course, the losers are the world community itself.

Humans in the present

Humans in the present must be able to eliminate or reduce the habit of insulting, revile, hate, suspect, slander, steal, rape, kill, and other bad things. Indeed ordinary people cannot be completely holy, cannot be completely innocent. However, do not let this uncleanness and possibility of wrongdoing become the trigger that makes this world chaotic and destroyed.

It is very possible that there will be many differences of opinion and standpoint between leaders, scholars, and soldiers in the world. These differences of opinion and standpoint should not be used as an excuse to destroy each other. But make it a big library that adds to the treasure of existing knowledge.

Where the treasure of knowledge is ideal becomes wealth that can be utilized for the betterment of the world system, human welfare, and the establishment of civilization. What do you want to do, what will be done, and where will this world aim, the human in itself will determine it.

Greetings of peace.

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